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We welcome  all who claim belief in the religious, the spiritual, or any system of beliefs that helps them meaningfully orient their lives.  Atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Islamic, Judaic, Native American, Protestant, Scientologist, Shinto, Taoist… no matter what your beliefs, we welcome you.  Even if you have no such beliefs, or aren’t sure what you believe, we welcome you.

Our goal  lies in hope.  Hope to create a community of concerned individuals that, through the sharing of knowledge and an open dialogue, help to establish, promote, and sustain other multi-faith communities through the principles of tolerance, diversity, and unity.  Whether our members take on humanitarian efforts, promote peace, organize and encourage peaceful assembly and protests, or contribute their knowledge and thoughtful opinions to this website, or to other such websites and organizations, our efforts will center around the vital notion that all of our thoughts, words, and actions ought to be for the benefit of all humankind.

Unfortunately, terms such as absolute, tolerance, diversity, and unity can mean very different things to different people.  Within certain frameworks, concepts, or ideologies, these terms can, in fact, be associated with ideas that are completely contrary to what we here at The One Absolute Foundation wish to promote.  So what do our principles of Tolerance, Diversity, and Unity mean?  Why have we chosen the name “The One Absolute Foundation,” and what are our founding beliefs?  The answers to these questions are complex, but we have done our best to outline them in the Our Beliefs and The Absolute Basics sections.  We welcome you to visit these sections.  In fact, we highly recommend it, if you are interested. 

In the meantime, we invite you to browse our site.  As topics of religion involve many aspects of human life, our community seeks to examine as many of these aspects as possible.  As such, you will find a growing database of links and reviews of media.  The links are presented to promote access to incredible resources on religious traditions, controversies, and the promotion of goals parallel to our own.  The media reviews will center around movies, books, and websites that have either strongly spiritual messages and implications, or messages that can add depth and relevance to our own.  We also welcome you to visit the One Absolute Blog, which features our opinions on contemporary issues. 

Here you will find no pressure to convert or condemn, to criticize or cajole.  What you will  find is a statement of beliefs and an invitation to join our community.  We have no official affiliations and wish to neither endorse nor oppose any system of belief, or cause other than our own.  This is a completely non-profit site and is not intended for any purposes beyond those of its members.  If you would like to contribute your perspective to our community, please visit the Contact Us section. 

May your faith light your path.